“Don’t bother yourself by thinking about such losers. They have nothing else to do in life other than trying to pull you down”, said my uncle who I told about my ordeal. Not just him, my family, my friends, colleagues, relatives, everyone had almost the same response. And were they right? We’ll get to that in a bit.

We have all read news about crime against women. Someone’s getting cat called, eve teased, groped, molested, raped, murdered or have to die of suicide in shame. It’s become so common that we can now talk about these crimes without feeling a…

We often come across ads/stories when we access Facebook, Instagram or other web apps/games like Candy Crush etc.

Ever wondered why and how this relevant content reaches us?

If we try to devise a user story as a Product Manager, we’ll surely be able to come up with something in terms of who to target, how to target, when to target and where to target, with what kinds of ad.

So, skipping this step for now, we’ll try to look at what an Advertising Engine’s high-level architecture would look like.

In order to arrive to our vision, we need to…

Note: Any data/numbers mentioned in this article are just taken as an illustration.

Product managers often use the word — ‘measure’. They seldom explain what it means.

Now, ‘measure’ is something that can be done in 3 stages — initiation (before development), development and post release.

Gauge Charts

All three mentioned stages call for different ways of measuring and gauging successes and failures. But, in this write-up we’ll only talk about the Post Release metrics that are easy and important to learn for any PM new to the role.

If we think about the key things that a firm might want to…

In a world like ours, overflowing with ideas in action in the form of start-ups and mobile apps, there’s a lot to catch up with in the realm of the digital. We casually come across topics like — Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, User Experience and Empathy, AI/ML/NLP, AR/VR/MR, etc. without paying much attention to what these really mean. One such topic revolves around the question — “How does ‘X’ (random web app) make money”?

Cactus Tech Blog: App Economics

So, how do Facebook and similar apps benefit from giving out stuff for free? This field of study is also referred to as App…

Product Management is a new (not more than 10 –15 years old in India) and sought-after role in the industry and most people define it in different ways. The requirements for the role are a combination of soft skills and technical proficiency. While the latter is largely spoken about, there is a set of interpersonal skills that mature you in the role.

These at times, come organically, with experience (read ‘burning your fingers’). Sometimes you can learn them from others before it’s too late and evolve faster than the generation before yourself.

Some of these skills/lessons from my personal experience…

Soumya Kapoor

amateur writer

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